Welcome to the Foundation...

Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, FACS

Chairman, Department of Surgery
St. Barnabas Hospital
Professor of Clinical Urology
Weill-Cornell School of Medicine
of Cornell University
New York, NY

Dear Colleague

On behalf of the Board of Trustees for the Foundation for Men's Health, I welcome all healthcare professionals who are interested in education about gender medicine and men's health.

Epidemiological studies have confirmed that men's health lags that of women and constitutes a neglected public health concern in the US and throughout the world. While decades of research have yielded many important findings about health and diseases in men, this knowledge has not resulted in the benefits expected. A growing body of evidence suggests that men have riskier health behavior and are still less likely than women to actively seek medical care; they are nearly half as likely as women to pursue preventative health visits or undergo screening tests. Despite advances in addressing men's health needs, recent studies indicate that 68.6% of men aged 20 years and older are overweight and life expectancy of men continues to trail that of women by 5.3 years in 2003. This data confirms the importance of education of healthcare professionals in gender medicine and men's health.

The Foundation for Men's Health is committed to providing the most relevant, up to date and highest quality education in diseases and conditions of men's health to specialists and primary care healthcare professionals. The content of our high quality educational activities are developed by the top key opinion leaders in their respective therapeutic field

Our educational programs provide multi-disciplinary educational opportunities for healthcare providers and are delivered through a variety of innovative effective interactive methods.

In addition to educational activities for healthcare professionals, we are committed to supporting men's health at all levels, including establishment of professorships, scholarships, and fellowships, promoting research and educating and empowering men to improve their health.

We hope the Foundation for Men's Health will be home to all healthcare professionals seeking education in diseases and conditions related to men's health, and all men and women interested in supporting healthier men in the world.


Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, FACS
President, Foundation for Men's Health

Mission Statement

The foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) educational organization
dedicated to increasing awareness of the effects of gender specific
conditions on overall men's health. The foundation's objective is to
provide healthcare professionals (PCPs, Specialists, NPs, PAs) with
the most current education and information on these conditions.
All grants awarded to FMH are restricted to support our programs
and are not used for salaries and general administrative expenses
of the Foundation for Men's Health.


Provide healthcare professionals with education and information
on the effects of gender specific conditions, such as low
testosterone, BPH and advanced prostate cancer, on overall
men's health.

Develop and maintain a national training curriculum for healthcare
providers who share a common philosophy, body of knowledge,
and expertise related to men's health and its practice.

Provide multi-disciplinary educational opportunities for healthcare
providers and residencies using meetings, the internet (webinars),
hands-on training, videos, printed materials, and other
educational tools.

Develop and lead in formulating position statements, guidelines,
and educational materials about men's health topics for both
professional and lay use.

Provide a healthcare perspective in the field of men's health
medicine and assist healthcare providers in addressing issues that
affect their ability to offer high quality patient care.