Role of chronic E. coli infection in the process of bladder cancer- an experimental study
El-Mosalamy H, Salman TM, Ashmawey AM, Osama N. Infect Agent Cancer. 2012 Aug 8;7(1):19. [Epub ahead of print]


ABSTRACT: Bladder cancer is a common malignancy in Egypt. A history of urinary tract infection can be considered as a risk factor for bladder cancer. Escherichia coli (E. coli) infection is responsible for 70% of urinary tract infection. This study aimed to evaluate the role of chronic E. coli infection during bladder carcinogenesis. In order to achieve this aim, we investigated the histopathological changes in bladder tissue and measured the level of nuclear factor kappa p65 (NF-kappaBp65), Bcl-2 and interleukin 6 ( IL-6) in four groups each consisting of 25 male albino rats except of control group consisting of 20 rats .The first group was normal control group, second group was infected with E. coli, the third group was administered nitrosamine precursor, and the forth group was infected with E. coli and administered nitrosamine precursor.