Predictive values of urinary bladder tumor markers survivin and soluble-Fas comparison with cystoscopy and bladder tumor antigen
Ganas V, Kalaitzis C, Sountoulides P, Giannakopoulos S, Touloupidis S. Minerva Urol Nefrol. 2012 Dec;64(4):279-85.


Department of Urology, Elpis Hospital, Athens, Greece -



The aim of the study was to evaluate the predictive values of two novel urinary markers for bladder cancer: survivin and soluble-Fas (s-Fas).


The study included 84 individuals divided in two groups. The first group contained 47 patients, who underwent transurethral bladder tumor resection and the second, control, group 20 patients with non-malignant conditions, who underwent cystoscopy and 17 health volunteers. Fresh, second morning voided urine was collected for measurement of s-Fas, survivin, BTA and for cytology. Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values and accuracy were calculated.


Bladder tumor patients had significantly higher survivin urine levels in comparison to the controls. Survivin correlated also with the tumor stage. Combination of survivin with BTA had a sensitivity of 86.4% but still lower than that of cystoscopy (97.8%). Only the specificity of the combination between survivin and BTA was higher than that of cystoscopy (86.4% and 75.6%, respectively).


Survivin was a better marker for tumor detection than s-Fas and was better enough to discriminate cancer stage. Combination of survivin and BTA had a specificity of 86.4% to exclude bladder malignancy and the combination of s-Fas with survivin and BTA had a sensitivity of 93.6% to detect bladder cancer.