Mirabegron for Overactive Bladder: A Novel, First-in-Class ?3- Agonist Therapy
Imran M, Najmi AK, Tabrez S. Urol J. 2013 Sep 26;10(3):935-40.


Department of Pharmacology, Hamdard Institue of Medical Sciences and Research and Associated Hakeem Abdul Hameed Centenary Hospital, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi-110062, India. drimran@aol.in.


Purpose: To discuss the pharmacotherapeutic aspects of Mirabegron which is a first-inclassnovel β3 receptor agonist drug recently approved by the food and drug administration(FDA) for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB).Materials and Methods: We conducted a computerized search of the MEDLINE/PUBMEDdatabases with the word Mirabegron, β3 receptor agonist and overactive bladder.Results: Effect of Mirabegron on β3 adrenergic receptor purportedly releases nitric oxide(NO) by an increase in intracellular Ca2+ through accumulation of cyclic adenosinemonophosphate (cAMP). Along with NO which relaxes the detrusor muscle, it alsoreleases an urothelial-derived inhibiting factor (UDIF) that inhibits contractions. It increasesthe bladder capacity by causing bladder relaxation during the storage phase.Conclusion: Mirabegron appears to be a promising treatment in OAB patients by shiftingits management from reducing detrusor over-activity to inducing relaxation. Also itlacks the troublesome side effects associated with the standard antimuscarinic management.