Clinicopathological Characteristics of Incidental Prostate Cancer Discovered from Radical Cystoprostatectomy Specimen: A Multicenter French Study
Pignot G, Salomon L, Neuzillet Y, Masson-Lecomte A, Lebacle C, Patard JJ, Lunardi P, Rischmann P, Pasticier G, Bernhard JC, Cohen J, Timsit MO, Verkarre V, Peyronnet B, Verhoest G, Le Goux C, Zerbib M, Brecheteau F, Bigot P, Larre S, Murez T, Thuret R, Lacarriere E, Champy C, Roupret M, Comperat E, Berger J, Descazeaud A, Toledano H, Bastide C, Lavilledieu S, Avances C, Delage F, Valeri A, Molimard B, Houlgatte A, Gres P, Donnaint A, Kleinclauss F, Legal S, Doerfler A, Koutlidis N, Cormier L, Hetet JF, Colls P, Arvin-Berod A, Rambeaud JJ, Quintens H, Soulie M, Pfister C; The members of The Oncologic Committee of the French Association of Urology. Ann Surg Oncol. 2013 Oct 30. [Epub ahead of print]


PURPOSE: The present study assessed the incidence and histopathological features of incidentally diagnosed prostate cancer (PCa) in specimens from radical cystoprostatectomy (RCP) for bladder cancer. The patient outcomes also were evaluated.

METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the histopathological features and survival data of 4,299 male patients who underwent a RCP for bladder cancer at 25 French centers between January 1996 and June 2012. No patients had preoperative clinical or biological suspicion of PCa.

RESULTS: Among the 4,299 RCP specimens, PCa was diagnosed in 931 patients (21.7 %). Most tumors (90.1 %) were organ-confined (pT2), whereas 9.9 % of them were diagnosed at a locally advanced stage (≥pT3). Gleason score was <6 in 129 cases (13.9 %), 6 in 575 cases (61.7 %), 7 (3 + 4) in 149 cases (16.0 %), 7 (4 + 3) in 38 cases (4.1 %), and >7 in 40 cases (4.3 %). After a median follow-up of 25.5 months (interquartile range 14.2-47.4), 35.4 % of patients had bladder cancer recurrence and 23.8 % died of bladder cancer. Only 16 patients (1.9 %) experienced PCa biochemical recurrence during follow-up, and no preoperative predictive factor was identified. No patients died from PCa.

CONCLUSIONS: The rate of incidentally diagnosed PCa in RCP specimens was 21.7 %. The majority of these PCas were organ-confined. PCa recurrence occurred in only 1.9 % of cases during follow-up.