04-04-2014          Tadalafil (Cialis) doesn't ward off ED from prostate cancer treatment
04-04-2014          Study identifies potential SNPs for personalized bladder cancer care
04-01-2014          Acute renal failure a possible complication of ceftriaxone use in children
03-13-2014          Vaginal mesh superior to native tissue repair for prolapse related to levator ani avulsion
03-13-2014          Similar hernia recurrence rate with biologic matrix vs polypropylene: study
03-12-2014          Surgery checklist didn't reduce death risk in Canadian study
03-11-2014          Two common surgeries for vaginal prolapse comparable: study
03-11-2014          Ureteroscopic lithotripsy seems best for stones in pregnancy
03-07-2014          DASH diet might reduce recurrent kidney stones
03-07-2014          Sertraline may harm sperm: study
03-03-2014          Outcomes similar with transabdominal, transvaginal fistula repair
02-18-2014          Burden of surgical site infections after ambulatory surgery "substantial"
02-17-2014          Renal/bladder ultrasound misses genitourinary anomalies in children
02-14-2014          Stigma of stress incontinence impacts women's decisions to seek care
02-04-2014          Study warns some lubricants could block conception
01-29-2014          For pelvic pain, use patient-centered approach
01-10-2014          Risk-adjusted follow-up may help catch bladder cancer recurrences after cystectomy
12-24-2013          Early DMSA scan predicts vesicoureteral reflux in young children
12-19-2013          Excess weight may affect semen quality
12-10-2013          RAA inhibitors tied to longer survival with chronic kidney disease
12-03-2013          Cystatin C might improve GFR estimates in diabetics
12-03-2013          Newborns may be kidney donors after withdrawal of life support
11-29-2013          Increased risk of severe hypotension in men treated with tamsulosin
11-28-2013          Hemodialysis may increase intraocular pressure
11-28-2013          Higher infection risk seen with buttonhole AV fistula access
11-20-2013          Urine screening alone insufficient for diagnosing STDs
11-19-2013          Add-on dopamine or nesiritide won't help kidneys in heart failure
11-13-2013          Renal artery stenosis does not affect outcome after open heart surgery
11-11-2013          Salt restriction has benefits in chronic kidney disease, but questions remain
11-01-2013          Rosuvastatin may reduce contrast-induced acute kidney injury
10-31-2013          Poor glycemic control leads to overestimation of GFR in diabetics
10-30-2013          Top five cancer tests and treatments to avoid: ASCO
10-29-2013          Antibiotics over-used for most cases of urinary catheter-associated bacteriuria
10-25-2013          Divided results on importance of crescents in immunoglobulin A nephropathy
10-21-2013          Don't routinely screen for kidney disease: ACP guideline
10-17-2013          Kidney disease risk highest in pediatric lung, intestine transplant patients
10-15-2013          Study refines renal dosing of daptomycin for Staph bacteremia
10-15-2013          Rate of PSA testing in men over 75 remains high
10-08-2013          Single-fraction RT under-used for prostate cancer bone metastases
10-07-2013          Routine urinalysis not helpful after blunt abdominal trauma
10-03-2013          Longer hormone therapy does not benefit prostate cancer patients at intermediate risk of recurrence
10-01-2013          Some men do OK with shorter-course androgen suppression before radiation
09-30-2013          Higher risk of infections seen with repeat prostate biopsies
09-26-2013          Patients at risk of recurrent stones not getting 24-hour urine tests
09-26-2013          Researchers identify best PCR assay for critical mutation in myeloproliferative disease
09-23-2013          Updated criteria find acute kidney injury in 1 in 6 TAVI patients
09-18-2013          Surgery shows higher success rate than muscle training for stress urinary incontinence
09-11-2013          REFILE: Vitamin D curbs albuminuria in kidney disease
09-09-2013          Ferric carboxymaltose improves iron-deficiency anemia in renal impairment
09-06-2013          Aerobic exercise improves restless legs syndrome in hemodialysis patients
09-05-2013          Both sexes at risk for fibromuscular dysplasia
09-03-2013          Somatostatin analogue helpful in polycystic kidney disease
09-02-2013          Nonoperative management successful for most severe blunt renal injuries
09-02-2013          Renal impairment tied to higher stroke risk in anticoagulated AF patients
08-29-2013          Fetal shunting for urinary obstruction may improve survival
08-23-2013          Point-of-care urinalysis lacks accuracy in pediatric UTIs
08-20-2013          Should blood pressure targets be higher in chronic kidney disease?
08-15-2013          No extra complications with mesh for stress incontinence: study
08-14-2013          Long-term study shows no survival advantage with finasteride for prostate cancer prevention
08-14-2013          Healthy diet in diabetes tied to less kidney disease
08-14-2013          Good long-term functional outcomes seen with ileal orthotopic neobladder
08-12-2013          Albumin levels point to LVAD implant success
08-12-2013          Bedwetters wearing night diapers may sleep better
08-12-2013          Phosphate-binding agents tied to lower mortality in chronic kidney disease
08-08-2013          NKF calls for yearly kidney tests in high-risk groups
08-07-2013          Unconfirmed UTIs in children often treated empirically
08-06-2013          Hospitalized dialysis patients don't benefit from more erythropoietic drugs
08-01-2013          Pre-op renal dysfunction tied to poorer outcomes after coronary artery bypass grafting
07-31-2013          Print, web aids help men decide on cancer screening
07-31-2013          T cells may help predict acute rejection of kidney grafts
07-26-2013          More RBCs for dialysis patients with lower Hgb - but does it matter?
07-25-2013          Glans penis width should not delay hypospadias repair
07-22-2013          Modified IFN-bevacizumab regimen more tolerable in renal cancer
07-19-2013          Renal denervation seen to curb moderate resistant hypertension
07-19-2013          Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio prognostic in renal cancer
07-18-2013          Monitor kidneys in patients on colistin or polymyxin B
07-16-2013          Prostate cancer hormonal therapy tied to kidney risks
07-12-2013          mTOR inhibitors tied to kidney injury
07-11-2013          Shared decision-making uncommon for PSA tests
07-05-2013          Daglutril does not improve albuminuria in diabetic nephropathy
07-02-2013          High-risk prostate cancer responds well to radiation plus androgen deprivation
07-01-2013          'Fistula first' strategy is not always best for elderly hemodialysis patients
06-28-2013          Immediate intravesical chemo after bladder tumor resection curbs recurrence
06-28-2013          Monopolar, bipolar TURP similarly effective: meta-analysis
06-27-2013          N-Acetylcysteine doesn't protect kidneys during emergency CT
06-17-2013          Wait-and-see may be best for early prostate cancer
06-12-2013          Infections increasing after prostate biopsy
06-11-2013          Alpha-blockers with anticholinergics helpful in BPH
06-07-2013          Radical prostatectomy improves survival in lymph node-positive prostate cancer
06-07-2013          Formalin on needle curbs prostate biopsy infections
06-07-2013          Pad count a poor measure of urinary incontinence
06-07-2013          No extra urine output with nesiritide in acute decompensated heart failure
06-06-2013          Higher-protein weight loss diets may be OK in diabetics with kidney disease
06-04-2013          Prostate often involved in bladder cancer
06-03-2013          Laparoscopic prostatectomy linked to increased risk of incisional hernia
05-30-2013          A variety of weight-loss diets may aid renal function
05-28-2013          Two options promising for refractory non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer
05-27-2013          Patient communication has room to grow: studies
05-24-2013          Best salvage choice not always clear when prostate cancer recurs
05-22-2013          Labor progress varies with Foley vs misoprostol induction
05-21-2013          Does prostate cancer treatment help older, sick men?
05-20-2013          Pricey radiation no better post prostatectomy-study
05-17-2013          Urinalysis a valid screen for UTI in trauma patients in the ICU
05-15-2013          Best fix for recurrent stress urinary incontinence is unclear
05-09-2013          Intermittent androgen deprivation can help in prostate cancer
05-03-2013          Urologists echo call for discussion before PSA test
05-01-2013          Large iron doses show favorable result in hemodialysis patients
04-26-2013          Supplements don't help with prostate cancer: study
04-26-2013          Polyacrylamide bulking curbs vesicoureteral reflux in kids
04-25-2013          Clear cell renal cancer grows quickly when therapy is interrupted
04-24-2013          Low-dose aspirin doesn't raise risk of microscopic hematuria
04-22-2013          Stent grafts trump balloon angioplasty for durable dialysis access
04-18-2013          Urodynamic studies may be unnecessary in uncomplicated stress urinary incontinence
04-12-2013          Lower frequency improves extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
04-12-2013          Microalbuminuria: lower isn't always better
04-10-2013          Growth hormone improves height in pediatric dialysis patients
04-08-2013          American College of Physicians questions PSA screening
04-01-2013          CORRECTION: Bipolar and monopolar TURP have similar effects on sexual function
03-27-2013          Bipolar plasma enucleation for BPH effective for large prostates
03-26-2013          Metallic stents helpful in chronic ureteral obstruction
03-25-2013          Laparoscopic pyelolithotomy good for large renal pelvic stones
03-20-2013          Fesoterodine benefits in overactive bladder wane if treatment stops
03-19-2013          Checklist helps curb pediatric ureteroscopy radiation exposure
03-19-2013          Selective beta3-adrenoceptor agonists effective for overactive bladder
03-08-2013          Arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis safest
03-05-2013          Peg-interferon plus ribavirin safe, modestly effective for HCV in kidney recipients
02-28-2013          REFILE: Best combination therapy for male urinary problems unclear
02-25-2013          Best combination therapy for male urinary problems unclear
02-21-2013          Screening kidney recipients for BK viremia does not eliminate the risk of BK nephropathy
02-20-2013          Post-prostatectomy radiation tied to urinary incontinence
02-19-2013          Anticoagulants tied to better survival in metastatic castration-resistant prostate CA
02-18-2013          Tadalafil improves sexual function, satisfaction in men with BPH and ED
02-15-2013          Add-on desmopressin helps curb nocturia in BPH
02-14-2013          PDE5 inhibitors may safely aid erectile function in renal patients
02-14-2013          ESWL for distal stones: transgluteal supine approach best
02-14-2013          More thorough dialysis may reduce deaths
02-13-2013          Surveillance of small renal masses a safe option for older patients
02-12-2013          Connaught and Tokyo BCG strains equivalent against bladder cancer
02-12-2013          Shorter androgen blockade does not jeopardize prostate cancer survival
02-11-2013          PSA decision tools may aid patient choices
02-07-2013          Frequent hemodialysis increases risk of vascular access complications
02-07-2013          Fruits/veggies instead of sodium bicarb for metabolic acidosis in kidney disease?
02-07-2013          Add psych consult in young female survivors of childhood cancer: guideline
02-06-2013          Kidney biopsy much riskier in pregnant women
02-05-2013          Adding Foley bulb to misoprostol cuts time to delivery
02-04-2013          Late switch to sirolimus won't help kidney recipients with skin cancer
01-31-2013          Nitrofurantoins may pose little risk of birth defects
01-30-2013          "More laborious" urine sampling methods unnecessary in pregnancy
01-30-2013          Long-term outcomes similar for two prostate cancer treatments
01-29-2013          Dutasteride may suppress prostate cancer development temporarily
01-28-2013          Acute kidney injury can follow NSAID use in kids
01-25-2013          Kidney failure common, but not always deadly, after cardiac arrest
01-04-2013          Transobturator suburethral tape effective for at least 5 years for stress urinary incontinence
01-01-2013          Repeat botox shots appear safe, effective for bladder pain syndrome
12-28-2012          Nonstop antibiotics no help with indwelling JJ stents
12-28-2012          Sitagliptin may edge glipizide in diabetics with kidney disease
12-28-2012          Better prostate cancer outcomes with metformin
12-27-2012          Robotic assistance may improve some outcomes of laparoscopic prostatectomy
12-27-2012          No fewer side effects for prostate proton therapy
12-26-2012          Adding chemo to BCG might reduce bladder cancer recurrence
12-21-2012          Renal sympathetic denervation does not worsen renal damage
12-20-2012          Combined fluoroquinolone and azole use associated with QT prolongation
12-19-2012          Botox calms stubborn overactive bladder in phase III study
12-18-2012          Continuous antibiotics prevent UTIs in antenatal hydronephrosis: report
12-14-2012          In Waldenström macroglobulinemia, fludarabine yields better survival than chlorambucil
12-07-2012          Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy effective in infants, small children
12-07-2012          Cystoscopy during hysterectomy: Is it useful?
12-03-2012          New research questions male UTI treatments
12-03-2012          Laser enucleation does well in benign prostatic hyperplasia
11-29-2012          High-dose atorvastatin lowers risk of contrast nephropathy
11-27-2012          Prostate radiation produces lasting toxicity
11-27-2012          UPDATE: Poorer OAB outcomes in frail elderly with onabotulinumtoxin A
11-23-2012          Laws don't curb pricey prostate cancer treatments
11-20-2012          Four techniques offer similar outcomes for primary severe hypospadias
11-15-2012          AUA issues overactive bladder guidelines
11-15-2012          Walking may help ease cancer fatigue
11-13-2012          Guideline aims to standardize treatment of asymptomatic microhematuria
11-09-2012          Oxybutynin paradoxically worsens side effects of intravesical BCG therapy
11-06-2012          Use enoxaparin with caution in renal impairment: study
11-05-2012          Benefits may outweigh costs of treating urinary incontinence in older women
11-05-2012          More cures, more renal insufficiency with higher colistin doses
11-05-2012          Donating a kidney raises risk for hypertension
11-01-2012          Sildenafil citrate improves sexual function after prostate radiation
11-01-2012          Hi-dose stereotactic body radiotherapy effective, quick for localized prostate CA
11-01-2012          Pelvic floor muscle training may not prevent urinary incontinence after pregnancy
11-01-2012          Procalcitonin helpful in well-appearing young febrile infants
11-02-2012          Tight glycemic control no help immediately after kidney transplant
10-24-2012          Study bolsters new guidelines against routine urine cytology in hematuria
10-19-2012          Adding gentamicin before prostate biopsy cuts infection admissions later
10-19-2012          Spironolactone beneficial for heart failure even with moderate kidney disease
10-19-2012          Saw palmetto seems safe in men with urinary problems
10-19-2012          Fibrates may have cardiovascular benefits in kidney disease
10-18-2012          Preop statins may reduce postop acute kidney injury
10-17-2012          Women with nocturia more sensitive than men to desmopressin
10-16-2012          Chloride-restrictive IV fluids easier on the kidneys in critical illness
10-15-2012          Leave the adrenal gland during radical nephrectomy: study
10-12-2012          Antibiotic combo reduces infection after prostate biopsy
10-11-2012          Bladder neck preservation improves continence after prostatectomy
10-11-2012          Questionable data propped up cancer drug Provenge
10-09-2012          Rectal cleansing before prostate biopsy may not reduce infections
10-04-2012          Retrograde nerve-sparing during prostatectomy improves potency recovery
10-02-2012          Statins do not influence biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer
10-02-2012          Triple-sequence therapies for metastatic renal cell carcinoma: order doesn't matter
10-01-2012          Drug injections helpful in pediatric neurogenic bladder
09-28-2012          Salvage outcomes favorable with robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy
09-20-2012          More clopidogrel at PCI doesn't help kidney patients
09-18-2012          Intravesical BCG may help eradicate bacteriuria in bladder cancer patients
09-17-2012          No long-term harm seen from pediatric shockwave lithotripsy
09-12-2012          Health-related QOL no worse with long-term finasteride: study
09-12-2012          Statins no help in coronary patients with severe CKD
09-06-2012          Questions remain on value of robotic prostatectomy
09-06-2012          Cranberry juice may beat kids' bladder infections
09-05-2012          In utero myelomeningocele repair may not improve lower urinary tract function
09-05-2012          Intermittent androgen suppression not inferior in prostate cancer study
09-03-2012          Cyclosporine A may ease interstitial cystitis and pain
08-31-2012          Brachytherapy plus ADT helpful in prostate cancer
08-30-2012          Long-term data confirm external beam radiotherapy for locally advanced prostate cancer
08-29-2012          Information helps men make prostate cancer decisions
08-29-2012          Oxybutynin may improve bladder function after posterior urethral valve ablation
08-29-2012          Radiation unneeded in most cases of nephroblastoma-related lung tumors
08-28-2012          Robotic hysterectomy: not ready for prime time?
08-24-2012          Partial cystectomy on par with radical cystectomy in selected patients
08-24-2012          New prostate cancer study clouds PSA debate
08-23-2012          Carboplatin induction is effective alternative to cisplatin for bladder cancer
08-22-2012          Repeat prostate biopsies may have negligible effect on erectile function
08-15-2012          Benefits of PSA testing may outweigh harms, model suggests
08-15-2012          Proteinuria a risk with tenofovir, study confirms
08-10-2012          Nephron-sparing surgery advised for localized renal cancer
08-09-2012          Kegel exercises curb incontinence in late pregnancy
08-09-2012          QoL better with intermittent vs continuous androgen deprivation
08-08-2012          Robot prostatectomy cuts incontinence, surgeon finds
08-08-2012          High-dose cholecalciferol prevents vitamin D insufficiency in kidney disease
08-07-2012          Salvage cryosurgery effective for recurrent prostate cancer
08-03-2012          High risk of kidney stones with ritonavir-boosted atazanavir for HIV
08-03-2012          Complications common after nephrectomy in octogenarians
08-02-2012          Advantages of metallic ureteral stent questioned in malignant obstruction
08-01-2012          Adalimumab safe for RA patients with renal impairment
08-01-2012          Statins don't cut prostate cancer recurrence after prostatectomy
07-30-2012          More men with prostate cancer 'team' wait on treatment
07-27-2012          Stress incontinence control may lead to better sex
07-23-2012          Standard blood-pressure cuff may help prevent contrast nephropathy
07-19-2012          Thyroid hormone helpful in some with kidney disease
07-18-2012          Prostate cancer surgery fails to cut deaths in study
07-18-2012          Routine pelvic surveillance may not be necessary for Wilms tumor
07-17-2012          Urinary incontinence affects young women too
07-16-2012          ASCO says broach PSA test with some men
07-13-2012          Albumin beneficial in cirrhosis patients with bacterial infections
07-09-2012          Endometrioma excision may impact ovarian reserve
07-09-2012          Study supports UTI protection from cranberries
07-06-2012          Nerve sparing boosts continence after prostatectomy
06-29-2012          After papillary thyroid CA, suspicious neck nodes usually stable for years
06-29-2012          Opiates may underlie urinary retention in some women
06-27-2012          Side effects persist long after prostate cancer treatment
06-27-2012          Diabetic nephropathy may resolve after bariatric surgery
06-27-2012          Pelvic plexus block effective for prostate biopsy-related pain
06-25-2012          Simplified proteinuria assessment reliable for preeclampsia diagnosis
06-25-2012          Antibiotics usually unneeded before shock wave lithotripsy
06-22-2012          Antibiotics called 'dangerous' for asymptomatic bacteriuria in chronic UTI sufferers
06-15-2012          Low dose CT scan detects ureteral calculi in any size patient
06-08-2012          Study confirms link between androgen deprivation therapy and sarcopenia
06-08-2012          Study suggesting PSA screening for underserved men questioned
06-05-2012          Aggressive BP reduction after intracerebral bleed can injure kidneys
06-05-2012          NSAIDs curb uteric stent removal pain
06-04-2012          Meta-analysis supports partial nephrectomy for localized renal masses
06-01-2012          Study details cancer risk of Takeda diabetes drug
05-31-2012          Tight glycemic control doesn't protect kidneys: meta-analysis
05-30-2012          Vitamin D3 supplement promising in low-risk prostate cancer
05-29-2012          For some, prostate CA screening can be difference between life and death
05-29-2012          Ureteroscopy better than lithotripsy for distal ureteral stones
05-28-2012          Saw palmetto no better than placebo in men with BPH
05-23-2012          Active surveillance of small renal masses safe and effective
05-18-2012          Study questions use of ACEIs, ARBs in ESRD patients
05-18-2012          Antibiotics prevent UTIs better than probiotics
05-17-2012          Vitamin E and selenium do not help prevent bladder cancer
05-09-2012          Neoadjuvant chemotherapy improves survival in urothelial cancer
05-07-2012          Gastric segments problematic in urinary tract repair
05-03-2012          Repeat prostate biopsies not tied to biochemical recurrence
05-02-2012          Pre-surgery bladder tests often unnecessary: study
05-01-2012          Early aggressive treatment may stabilize lichen sclerosus
05-01-2012          Mixed results on fish oil for keeping hemodialysis grafts clear
04-27-2012          Size matters when it comes to needle core length in prostate biopsy
04-26-2012          Androgen deprivation in advanced prostate cancer needn't be continuous
04-26-2012          Docs not all on board with new prostate cancer guidelines
04-26-2012          Many older men still get prostate cancer testing
04-19-2012          Conservative approach useful in some urinary tract cancers
04-19-2012          Partial nephrectomy best for older adults with early-stage kidney cancer
04-18-2012          Chemo plus radiation improves odds in invasive bladder cancer
04-12-2012          Safe to skip bladder flap in cesarean: study
04-10-2012          Drugs help some women with incontinence
04-06-2012          Pelvic lymphadenectomy may be safely limited in unilateral bladder cancer
04-06-2012          Five charged after Chinese teen sells kidney to buy iPhone
04-04-2012          Diabetes drug slows prostate cancer growth
04-03-2012          Common antibiotics tied to eye emergencies: study
03-19-2012          Antiplatelet drugs after PCI unhelpful in renal disease
03-13-2012          Azithromycin reduces carriage of Shiga toxin-producing enteroaggregative E. coli O104:H4
03-13-2012          Intermittent Foleys tied to more bacteriuria in laboring women
03-09-2012          Renin-angiotensin blockade helpful in heart failure with renal disease
03-02-2012          Pelvic floor muscle training improves continence after radical prostatectomy
03-02-2012          Robotic surgeries costlier but safer: study
03-01-2012          Targeted prophylaxis cuts infection costs after transrectal prostate biopsy
02-27-2012          Phosphate enemas may be deadly in elderly: report
02-17-2012          Men opting for costly new prostate cancer treatment
02-16-2012          Phosphate enemas may be deadly in elderly
02-14-2012          Vitamin D2 fails to improve heart health in chronic kidney disease
02-07-2012          Vigorous exercise upregulates genes that protect against prostate CA progression
02-02-2012          Brachytherapy for prostate cancer may cause infertility
02-01-2012          Oral antibiotics effective for acute pyelonephritis in children
01-31-2012          Weight loss may prevent urinary incontinence in diabetes
01-31-2012          Short-term bicarb regimen shows promise for CIN prevention
01-24-2012          Kidney-pancreas transplant reverses brain effects of diabetes
01-24-2012          Diuresis-hydration prevents contrast nephropathy, N-acetylcysteine does not
01-16-2012          Unnecessary ipsilateral adrenalectomy often accompanies radical nephrectomy