03-18-2014          France's Ipsen says Dysport incontinence treatment trial positive
02-10-2014          New mini-sling no extra help in stress urinary incontinence
11-08-2013          Arthritis drug Orencia helped kidney disease patients in preliminary test
11-05-2013          Kidney disease drug meets main goals of mid-stage study
10-22-2013          Xtandi prolongs prostate cancer survival in wider use trial
09-20-2013          Mixed results seen with tivozanib in metastatic renal cell carcinoma
09-12-2013          Yervoy (ipilimumab) falls short in prostate cancer study
09-04-2013          Rockwell Medical's iron deficiency drug succeeds in final study
08-20-2013          Tadalafil confirmed as helpful in LUTS/BPH
08-16-2013          Electronic health record tool may help prevent kidney injuries
07-05-2013          Balloon device may help ease stress incontinence, but questions remain
07-04-2013          Adalimumab no better than placebo for interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome
06-26-2013          Bipolar plasma vaporization better than monopolar resection for enlarged prostate
06-20-2013          Prostatic urethral lift relieves symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia
06-19-2013          Ocrelizumab not effective for active proliferative lupus nephritis
06-03-2013          Alternative procedure called safer, effective for neurogenic bladder
05-15-2013          Roche immunotherapy shows response over range of cancers
04-26-2013          Sevelamer doesn't protect the heart in early CKD: study
04-22-2013          Parasacral TENS of some help in pediatric enuresis
04-19-2013          Zibotentan no extra help in refractory prostate cancer
04-12-2013          Prostate cancer antigen 3: still of unclear value in decision-making
03-26-2013          Botulinum toxin A products may not be interchangeable
03-15-2013          Oral desmopressin safe and effective against nocturia
03-14-2013          Parasacral TENS may have edge for overactive bladder in kids
03-12-2013          Remote ischemic post-conditioning reduces kidney injury after PCI
03-08-2013          For adefovir nephrotoxicity, just lower the dose
02-28-2013          REFILE: Modulated radiotherapy appears helpful in localized prostate cancer
02-27-2013          Modulated radiotherapy appears helpful in localized prostate cancer
02-11-2013          Disposable chip could find infections in home peritoneal dialysis
02-08-2013          Cardiovascular toxicity high with targeted therapies for advanced kidney cancer
02-04-2013          Rockwell Medical reports positive data on iron delivery drug
01-31-2013          Prostate cancer gene 3 predicts prostate cancer in Japanese men
01-31-2013          Surprising findings after reoperation for stress urinary incontinence
01-28-2013          Kidney disease drug meets late-stage trial goal
12-27-2012          Early use of penile prostheses helps ED after prostatectomy
12-13-2012          Avanafil reverses erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy
12-13-2012          Perfusion pump better than cold storage for 'DCD' kidneys for transplant
11-21-2012          Injection prevents vesicoureteral reflux in children with complete duplex systems
11-20-2012          PRX302 injections promising against BPH
11-20-2012          Fesoterodine curbs nocturnal urgency: study
11-20-2012          Liposomal doxorubicin inferior for AIDS-related lymphoma
11-06-2012          Tranexamic acid may cut blood loss in percutaneous nephrolithotomy
11-05-2012          Nerve device lowers blood pressure in small study
10-31-2012          Top medical innovations address headache, diabetes, cancer
10-23-2012          Mirabegron improves incontinence in overactive bladder
10-17-2012          Tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy with fibrin sealant is safe, effective
10-12-2012          Once-daily mirodenafil improves erectile dysfunction
10-11-2012          Alendronate curbs androgen deprivation bone loss
10-11-2012          Linagliptin effective in type 2 diabetics with severe renal impairment
09-19-2012          Apixaban (Eliquis) bests warfarin in AF patients with kidney disease
09-06-2012          Frequent low-dose IFN complements sorafenib in advanced RCC
07-31-2012          Lithotripsy more effective with slower shockwave rate
07-30-2012          Shock wave lithotripsy doesn't alter normal kidney growth in kids
07-30-2012          New drug ineffective for interstitial cystitis
07-25-2012          Sonoelastography aids transrectal prostate cancer biopsy
07-13-2012          Holmium laser effective in BPH recurrence
07-10-2012          Start insulin at lower dose in diabetics with renal insufficiency: study
07-05-2012          Holmium laser enucleation favored for large prostate tumors
07-04-2012          Sealed tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy lowers complication rate, leakage
06-27-2012          Hold off on radiation after prostatectomy, study suggests
06-22-2012          Mini-sling may do better than tape in stress urinary incontinence
06-22-2012          Mitomycin and hemocyanin of differing benefit in bladder cancer
06-12-2012          Fluorescent cystoscopy beats white light in bladder cancer surgery
06-05-2012          J&J hormone-blocking pill slows prostate cancer spread
06-04-2012          Immunotherapy agent shows promise in three cancers
05-31-2012          ASCO PREVIEW: A focus on prostate drugs, targeted therapy
05-31-2012          ImmunoCyt rules out bladder cancer with atypical cytology
05-30-2012          Oxybutynin improves urinary symptoms of Williams-Beuren syndrome
05-24-2012          Percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy treats large renal stones
05-17-2012          Aveo kidney cancer drug more tolerated than sorafenib (Nexavar)
05-17-2012          Zytiga (abiraterone) shows promise in high-risk prostate cancer
05-14-2012          Botox treats urinary incontinence from neurogenic detrusor overactivity
05-02-2012          Targeted physical therapy effective for female bladder pain
04-23-2012          Keryx's hyperphosphatemia drug shows efficacy in Japan trial
04-20-2012          Sunitinib shows promise in patients with renal cell carcinoma
04-03-2012          Balloon dilatation effective for treatment of megaureter
04-02-2012          Rehospitalization not uncommon after pediatric lithotripsy
03-30-2012          Outcomes similar with different low-osmolar iodinated contrast agents
03-30-2012          New doubts about prostate-cancer vaccine Provenge
03-29-2012          Bevacizumab add-on therapy fails in advanced prostate cancer
03-29-2012          Tyrosine kinase inhibitors safe in dialysis patients with metastatic kidney cancer
03-28-2012          Botox works in overactive bladder studies
03-22-2012          Percutaneous RFA of renal masses equivalent to laparoscopic
03-20-2012          Autologous stem cells prevent acute rejection of kidney grafts
03-19-2012          Dapagliflozin helps type 2 diabetes when insulin isn't enough
03-14-2012          Dendreon CEO: rival prostate drugs to boost market
03-13-2012          Size matters when it comes to success of RFA for renal tumors
03-09-2012          Prostate cancer drug Zytiga improves survival; trial stopped early
03-09-2012          Adding paclitaxel to standard chemo does little in severe bladder cancer
03-08-2012          Immune system tricked to accept mismatched kidney
03-07-2012          Papaverine improves analgesia for renal colic
03-06-2012          Shorter hospital stay with photoselective vaporization vs TURP
02-28-2012          'Excellent' QOL after proton therapy for prostate cancer
02-27-2012          Urodynamic data underscore laser efficacy in BPH
02-24-2012          Finasteride and dutasteride don't control low-risk prostate CA
02-21-2012          Noradrenaline a cost-effective option for type 1 hepatorenal syndrome
02-15-2012          Androgen deprivation for prostate cancer ups peripheral vascular risk
02-14-2012          Blood purification may decrease mortality in patients with sepsis
02-14-2012          Tension-free vaginal tape superior in stress urinary incontinence
02-14-2012          Tyrosine kinase inhibitors linked to increased treatment-related mortality
02-07-2012          Novel drug prolongs survival in late-stage prostate cancer
02-07-2012          Cefpodoxime not an alternative to ciprofloxacin for bladder infection in women
02-01-2012          Methotrexate can be resumed after kidney injury in pediatric cancer patients
01-18-2012          Fenofibrate safe in type 2 diabetes and moderate renal impairment
01-17-2012          Sunitinib, sorafenib occasionally put kidney cancer into remission