03-31-2014          Renal functional abnormalities common in siblings of patients with vesicoureteral reflux
03-26-2014          One in 25 patients battling hospital-acquired infections: CDC
03-11-2014          Couples' characteristics may predict condom use
03-05-2014          Prostatectomy cuts death risk, mostly for younger men
02-24-2014          Stress, lack of social support linked to prostate cancer mortality
02-21-2014          Findings confirm increased incontinence risk with vaginal delivery
02-19-2014          Chlamydial persistence in GI tract may underlie recurrent genital infections
02-19-2014          Teens who text about condoms more likely to use them
02-07-2014          Patriarchy is bad for men's health -report
01-29-2014          Mesoamerican nephropathy: a medical enigma yet to be solved
01-17-2014          Belly fat worse for older men than low testosterone
12-06-2013          Delay in diagnosis of bladder cancer longer in women than men
11-29-2013          No retinal detachment risk with quinolone antibiotics: study
11-19-2013          Alcohol combined with acetaminophen increases risk of renal dysfunction
11-14-2013          No CV risks with IV iron for dialysis patients: study
10-24-2013          No link between depression and cancer risk: study
10-15-2013          Close relatives share high risk of papillary thyroid carcinoma
08-21-2013          Fracture consequences serious in dialysis patients
08-20-2013          REFILE: Heart risk from kidney damage differs by race: study
08-19-2013          Multiple factors tied to dual incontinence in women
08-16-2013          Aspirin tied to smaller lung and colon cancer tumors
08-15-2013          Metformin tied to longer prostate cancer survival
08-09-2013          Younger male vets may have more incontinence
08-07-2013          Hemodialysis patients may fare better with more physician contact
07-31-2013          More renal problems with intestine grafts than with long-term parenteral nutrition
07-31-2013          Care for renal injury after PCI likely improving among older patients
07-30-2013          Kidney transplants less successful in teens
07-26-2013          Transplants may benefit obese kidney patients
07-25-2013          New chronic kidney disease emerging in Central America
07-25-2013          Study links women's height and cancer risk
07-18-2013          More evidence not all prostate cancers need treatment
07-16-2013          Past colon cancer tied to future cancer risks
07-09-2013          Soy doesn't prevent prostate cancer return: study
06-27-2013          Observation for prostate cancer questioned in blacks
06-25-2013          Rise in high-end treatment for low-risk prostate cancer
06-19-2013          Prostate cancer treatment tied to hernia risk
06-18-2013          Maternal sulfonamides not tied to neonatal jaundice
06-10-2013          Vegetable fats tied to less prostate cancer spread
06-04-2013          Fluoroquinolones linked to kidney injury
05-23-2013          Sugary drinks tied to kidney stone risk
05-21-2013          Weak link between LDL cholesterol and heart attack risk in chronic kidney disease
05-13-2013          Agent Orange tied to aggressive prostate cancer risk
04-24-2013          Race and geography may influence late-stage kidney care
04-15-2013          Selenium may protect against advanced prostate cancer
04-05-2013          Non-dairy calcium seen to lower kidney stone risk
04-02-2013          Prostate cancer risk doubled for men with Lynch syndrome
03-29-2013          Robotic surgery tied to temporary nerve injuries
02-14-2013          In elderly men and African-Americans, asymptomatic prostate CA less likely to be low-risk
02-04-2013          Vitamin C supplements tied to men's kidney stones
01-31-2013          Time to kidney transplant varies by race, insurance
01-04-2013          Racial gaps in access to robotic prostate surgery
12-18-2012          9/11 responders may have higher risk of some cancers
12-07-2012          Uncircumcised boys and men may face more UTIs
12-06-2012          Assisted reproduction raises risk of congenital urologic defects
11-29-2012          Kidney stone risk increases during exposure to desert environment
11-29-2012          Smoking causes 270,000 cancers yearly in Europe: study
11-29-2012          Study finds herbalists at higher urinary cancer risk
11-20-2012          Tenofovir's impact on the kidney "relatively mild" in the long run
11-14-2012          Obesity tied to urinary storage problems
11-14-2012          Black patients fare worse with kidney cancer: study
10-25-2012          Urodynamic abnormalities common in ambulatory spinal cord injury patients
10-24-2012          High dose inhaled corticosteroids tied to renal insufficiency
10-17-2012          Daily multivitamin shown to help ward off cancer in men
10-11-2012          Atrial fibrillation on the rise among elderly on hemodialysis
10-11-2012          No clear link between organic food, hypospadias
10-05-2012          Climate linked to California ER visits
09-10-2012          Pot smoking tied to testicular cancer
08-30-2012          Aspirin may reduce prostate cancer mortality after prostatectomy or radiotherapy
08-28-2012          Etiology of pediatric urolithiasis may be changing: study
08-23-2012          Patients' race linked to prostate surgery quality
08-22-2012          New malignancy rates similar with prostatectomy or radiation
08-16-2012          Long-term glitazone use linked to bladder cancer
08-15-2012          Fluoroquinolones tied to higher risk of serious arrhythmias
07-26-2012          Seasonal drug use precedes spike in bacterial resistance
07-25-2012          Hypertensive adolescents not getting guideline-based workup: study
07-23-2012          Drop in prostate cancers seen after new US advice
07-10-2012          Study confirms uncircumcised infants' UTI risk
07-03-2012          Increased risk of bladder cancer with pioglitazone small: meta-analysis
07-02-2012          Vesicoureteral reflux screening of no help in some infant candidates
06-29-2012          Radical prostatectomy tied to need for bladder surgery
06-29-2012          Meta-analysis backs selenium-prostate cancer link
06-25-2012          Increasing use of acute dialysis after elective major surgery
06-25-2012          Urinary calculi may boost subsequent stroke risk
06-18-2012          Kids with one kidney can still play sports: study
06-11-2012          Common medicines tied to urinary incontinence
06-08-2012          More U.S. teens diagnosed with kidney stones
06-04-2012          Excess GI cancers seen in childhood cancer survivors
05-29-2012          Military service may be risk factor for urinary incontinence in men
05-24-2012          Early baldness may be a risk factor for prostate cancer
05-23-2012          Folic acid tied to lower child cancer risks
05-22-2012          Papillary thyroid cancer more aggressive, more advanced in obese patients
05-22-2012          Secondhand smoke linked to bladder problems in kids
05-22-2012          PTSD linked to urinary tract symptoms in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans
05-04-2012          Nephrectomy may not be essential for all urinary tract cancers
04-27-2012          Few patients stick with overactive bladder drugs
04-26-2012          In labor with epidural, intermittent catheterization tied to bacteriuria
04-24-2012          Similar QOL after radical prostatectomy in Blacks and Caucasians
04-20-2012          Urolithiasis in renal grafts becoming less common
04-18-2012          Value of screening for kidney disease unclear
04-18-2012          Fibrates linked to creatinine rise in elderly
04-13-2012          Low risk of renal hemorrhage after ESWL
04-12-2012          C-sections tied to lower incontinence risk
04-12-2012          Visceral fat may be tied to prostate size and PSA level
04-11-2012          Flu vaccine lacks effectiveness in hemodialysis patients
04-09-2012          Kidney "living donations" favor some patient groups
04-05-2012          No link seen between painkillers, enlarged prostate
04-04-2012          Club drug "special K" tied to urinary problems
04-04-2012          Foley catheters tied to multiple problems
03-30-2012          Prostate cancers found on serial biopsy often clinically insignificant
03-28-2012          More ureteral injuries after laparoscopic colectomy
03-28-2012          Low calcium intake ups absorption, increases stone risk
03-27-2012          Overt hematuria always requires workup
03-22-2012          Smokers have lower prostate specific antigen levels
03-16-2012          Alcohol consumption tied to urinary tract symptoms
03-15-2012          Elderly sometimes keep using opioids after surgery
03-14-2012          After 11 years, PSA testing prevents some prostate cancer deaths
03-12-2012          Circumcision tied to lower prostate cancer risk
03-02-2012          Unnecessary cancer treatment in men on the rise
02-22-2012          Kidney injury less common with acute MI these days
02-20-2012          Forceps delivery, perineal tears tied to later pelvic problems
02-17-2012          Low rate of febrile UTI after correction of vesicoureteral reflux
02-16-2012          In prostate cancer, other death risks may be higher
02-15-2012          Prostate size and cancer grade association questioned
01-25-2012          Pioglitazone not strongly tied to bladder cancer in Asians
01-24-2012          Arsenic cancer risk still high decades later
01-20-2012          Moderate nocturia may signal increased risk for heart disease and death in men